Hello, I’m Kerry, founder of Beautiful Births, registered Nurse for over 15 years and mum to two beautiful children.

After a five-year struggle with secondary infertility, including several rounds of IVF, and having already had a C-section 9 years previous with my son, it was important to me to feel as if I had some control over my second labour and delivery.

Hypnobirthing enabled me to view my labour and birth calmly, whilst being confident and fully in control of my mind and it enabled me to cherish every moment of the amazing journey. I have never experienced a feeling of such elation and self-accomplishment as I did following the beautiful birth of my daughter. That feeling is something I wish I could bottle and share with every pregnant lady I meet.

I chose to teach the calm birth education programme to be part of something wonderful, to share my knowledge with other mums to be. I feel privileged to be in position to share my positive experiences and empower women to feel confident, relaxed and excited to achieve their own beautiful birth.

“Such an amazing tool, I wish I had known about it with my two previous babies.”

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