What We Do


What we cover:

• The mechanics of birth and how to understand your amazing body
• The power of your mind and how to use this to your full advantage
• How to achieve deep relaxation
• How your birth partner can support you and feel very much a part of your birth journey
• Discussions around the different types of birth, managing expectations and making informed decisions
• Focusing on reducing fear and anxieties around birth to leave you feeling empowered and in control
• A simple massage technique to avoid the chances of an episiotomy
• How to start your labour naturally when your baby is ready
• What to expect from early labour right through to giving birth to your beautiful baby
• Breathing techniques to use at ever stage of labour and birth
• How to reduce the need for medication
• How to stay positive, calm and most of all excited about the birth of your baby
• Conversations around those first few blissful moments with your newborn and what you can expect


What are the benefits:

There are many lovely benefits to practising hypnobirthing not only for mums, but for dads, birth partners and babies too. Hypnobirthing mums have been proven to have shorter labours, requiring less pain relief and less interventions, leaving them feeling less fatigued. Birth partners know their role and feel proactive and involved from the beginning and those beautiful hypnobirthing babies have been known to be calmer and better sleepers, what’s not to love!

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