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“I was only 2 weeks off my due date but Kerry did a great job of getting all the important points across in a condensed session. It was fantastic, I wish I had known about it with my previous two babies. I am really enjoying the relaxations and affirmations and actually feel excited for my labour to begin.”

Steph – Ulverston


“Doing hypnobirthing truly changed my negative thought processes around childbirth, and armed me with the tools to have an incredible and empowering second birth. I confess I was pretty sceptical going into it, but after a traumatic first birth I was willing to try anything. My preconceptions couldn’t have been any more wrong. The techniques are based firmly in science – utilising NLP amongst others. I would highly recommend it to anyone, once you have learnt these skills they become tools for life.”

Lucy – London


“When pregnant with my second child I was told about hypno birthing by a friend. I found that I had already used the breathing techniques during my first labour, but learning about what is actually happening to your body was amazing and empowering.”

Elizabeth – Ulverston


” Prior to the course I felt very scared and apprehensive, I wanted to forget/ignore it was going to be happening. The course has completely changed my mindset, I now feel excited and like I want to make the most of my labour. I feel ready because I believe in my body and I am excited to meet my baby. After 3 years since my last birth, this course was the best preparation we could have done.”

Faye – Barrow


”Kerry is fantastic-calm births has completely changed my opinion on giving birth. Hypnobirthing has changed my mindset so much, but that’s been down to Kerry, she is down to earth and relatable. I have learnt more from Kerry than any birth book, midwife or birth class. Prior to the classes I was feeling scared and anxious, I now feel prepared and at ease with the idea of giving birth, I now have the knowledge and tools I need to bring my baby into the world safely.  I would 100% recommend this course”

Natalie – Barrow


”I have really enjoyed my 1 on 1 Skype sessions with Kerry. It has been an opportunity for me to take time out of everything that’s going on and just focus on me and the baby.

I contacted Kerry when I was feeling very low due to the covid-19 outbreak, I was scared and didn’t feel ready to have a baby during a pandemic! Kerry has really made me feel positive about this birth. I feel like I’m ready to have my baby and that I will be able to have him in a calm peaceful

I have learnt things about my body and baby that I never knew, but will be able to use these bits of
knowledge during labour to help me. I have learnt breathing techniques and relaxation techniques. I have a completely different outlook to what I did 3-4 weeks ago. It has been a huge help chatting to Kerry, to calm my anxieties and prepare me for birth.”

Meg – Barrow


‘I was initially a bit sceptical about whether a hypnobirthing course could help me, but as this is my first pregnancy and I was feeling quite anxious about the labour and birth, I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did; Kerry has been fantastic, with practical advice and a wealth of useful information. My anxiety has gone, and I’m more confident that I can be/stay in control of what happens to me during labour and birth,which is hugely important to me. I’m really happy that my partner joined in the sessions too as I was quite worried about his possible reaction to labour and birth, but now I feel like he knows what to expect and can support me much more effectively.”

Katy – Kendal


”I really enjoyed my time with Kerry learning new techniques to help put my mind at ease about labour and birth and all the different scenarios that can take place when its time for the baby to be here. I feel so much better being able to go through the rest of my pregnancy feeling more in control and ready for whatever happens next. Kerry is so easy to get on with and it felt like talking to a friend every week, which was great! I would definitely recommend Hypnobirthing to other mums to be in future.”

Laura – Barrow


”Learning that I can’t be in control of everything and that’s ok, but I can be in control in my decisions. The relaxation tracks have been really good so far and I look forward to practicing breathing techniques. It was good to hear and watch hypnobirthing experiences.”

Beth -Barrow


”The course has given me the skills I need to be able to manage a calm labour. I feel empowered knowing that I will be in control and I have every right to ask questions regarding my labour. I feel more knowledgeable about labour and birth and what my body is capable of. The course certainly was an education and I feel much more prepared. I actually feel excited about giving birth and feel ready to have my baby.”

Aimee- Barrow


”The breathing techniques were what helped me the most! It was also really helpful to know exactly what would be happening at each stage so I know what to look out for/expect.”

Sarah- Ulverston


“From the start Kerry is welcoming, chilled, easy to get on with, full of confidence and knowledge which was easy to understand making you feel relaxed and engaged throughout each session. Kerry has a wealth of experience with real life honest answers. We looked forward to it each week, excited to learn and takeaway more knowledge.”

Philippa- Lindal


“My husband Rob wasn’t very keen to give hypnobirthing a go, he thought it would be a “New age hippy thing” all about chanting! Although I was keen, I was skeptical about what it could offer, having already had 2 pregnancies and births, I didn’t think it would change my thinking and attitudes, but was open to try and improve upon old experiences.

Well we were both proven wrong, hypnobirthing is all about arming you with information, giving you confidence to ask questions and giving you the tools and techniques to cope with the anxiety and fear that many parents feel surrounding pregnancy and an impending labour!”

Anne-Marie- Ulverston

“Thank you for my hynobirthing sessions, I was very clueless and anxious about labour and birth but now I feel much more comfortable. Kerry has been amazing and I always looked forward to our sessions and felt so much better afterwards to. I have learnt so much and feel a lot more confident about my birth knowing what to expect and things I can be in control of. Thank you so much Kerry you have been amazing and helped keep me reassured throughout.”

Beth- Askam


” Where do I start!?! From the very moment I contacted Kerry about the course she was very good and asking what I wanted and pointing me in the right direction to the package that would suit my partner and I. Kerry makes you feel at ease and like a friend you’ve known for years. The little touches of the gift box and workbook really do help. The breathing techniques have really helped me as I was really sceptical at first. Even my partner has got on board and reminded me of the phrases to say when breathing in and out. It’s also really reassuring knowing that just because we have had our 4 sessions doesn’t mean that’s it. We can contact Kerry as and when. And knowing she will be there doing the breastfeeding process is a real comfort to me. Thank you so much Kerry, you are brilliant!”

Kirsty- Ulverston


“Our Calm Births HypnoBirthing course was absolutely invaluable to us. We were an unusual group as a surrogate pregnancy team, and Kerry tailored every aspect of the content so that it was aimed specifically at our unique set of circumstances. She made us feel so at ease, was extremely warm, personable, kind and professional, and good humoured too. I don’t know why but it’s made me cry writing this!x”

Orla- Liverpool


”  I really enjoyed our team chats & it was lovely to help me understand my previous experience of childbirth – 100% the breathing techniques – these instantly calm & centre me. Confident that I can labour without fear & knowing that this baby will enter into the world safely.”

Kim- Stockport




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