Calm, controlled birth

Calm, controlled birth

I started taking hypnobirthing classes after a friend recommended them knowing how nervous I was about giving birth. For years I’ve always said I would be scared of giving birth and being pregnant in general. I refused to watch programs like one born every minute and every time a birth scene would come on screen I would freak out. The idea of the pain I would be going through is all I would imagine in my head and it made me so anxious. Although the human female body is made to give birth, for me I couldn’t accept this and I just feared the thought.

Kerry brought the classes to the comfort of own home. I was sceptical at first, and so was my husband – the idea of hypnobirthing from what I had heard previously wasn’t really our thing. Kerry couldn’t be any further away from the stereotypical hypnobirthing image everyone talks about. Kerry is easy to talk too and extremely relatable that’s what makes the sessions so good! Within minutes of meeting Kerry I felt 100% comfortable and so did my husband.

Throughout the sessions Kerry taught me the techniques we needed to get through not only labour but our pregnancy too (which I will be honest and say I was struggling with). The breathing techniques were fantastic and access to some calming affirmations played the biggest part for me. The hypnobirthing clips which were provided were my constant go too. They helped me with the early stages of labour and also sleepless nights throughout my pregnancy. I’ve continued to listen to them afterwards too.

What sticks in my mind is session one, we wrote down on paper what we thought labour would be like. By the end of the four sessions my thoughts had changed, and they couldn’t have been further away from the original. I went from being petrified to prepared in just four sessions.

My whole fear around labour was around the concept of unknown pain and being out of control. I was petrified at the idea of contractions from all the horror stories I had heard. With everything Kerry taught me I managed to face that fear head on and ended up staying at home until I was 6cm dilated all on my own with no pain relief. If it wasn’t for the fact I started bleeding I would have stayed at home for longer as I was coping using the tools I had learned.

Once I got to SLBC the midwife confirmed I was 6cm dilated and I was in a state of shock, it was really happening, and I got this far. We had talked with Kerry about our birth plan I knew I wanted access to the pool for pain relief. After a couple of hours on monitoring I was finally allowed in the birth pool but sadly this slowed things down for me and I didn’t find it working for me so we got out and I was examined and told I was 8cm nearly there! After a little rest we finally got to 10cm and i was ready to push but the baby had other ideas and had turned his head. Hours went by and I was struggling when the doctor came in and suggested intervention was required.

This was a hard one for me, me and Kerry had talked about this at length I didn’t want forceps or Ventous. Kerry had told me multiple times this was my labour, my birth I could say no to whatever I wanted. So, as you can imagine when the doctor tells you it’s time for intervention the tears started to roll down my face. I wanted what was best for the baby, personally I would have rather had a c section than intervention due to the fear the baby would get hurt.

Luckily, the midwife managed to talk to the doctor who gave me an additional half an hour to continue trying to push as the babies heart rate wasn’t showing any signs of distress. Half an hour passed and still no joy. The doctor returned and told the midwife to get me prepped ready, I felt defeated but my husband calmly reminded me that I could do it and he did the breathing techniques with me  and with the next set of contractions arrived our beautiful baby boy.

I honestly can’t recommend Kerry enough; she changed my pregnancy and labour with the support she provided, and she’s been a godsend throughout. In the last few weeks, the supportive text messages and Gifs I would receive throughout the day really have made a difference, and me and my husband will be eternally grateful.

Thank you, Kerry, from the bottom of our hearts for helping us bring our little boy into the world. 💙 x

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