Third Trimester

Third Trimester

The third trimester, now what does that look like?

I am going to assume you are over 28 weeks, you may even be into single figures and ticking down the days. However maternity leave may have started or be bobbing on the horizon. In other words the date circled in your best purple highlighter in your diary. Aching back and feet willing you to stop and relax because lets face it, growing a human can feel tough.

Looking back

I think back to what the third trimester looked like for me with my daughter. Firstly I could not see my feet, my vertebrae in between my shoulder blades had fused due to lack of space and I was permanently in agony. Secondly- let’s not even talk about the acid reflux. Thirdly, pelvic girdle pain was grim, as a result of a close to two hours commute to work some days in a car that was less than reliable.

It once saw my heavily pregnant self, break down on the side of the M6. Resulting in me having to politely ask a lady who stopped to read her map if she would mind very much holding a coat round me while I peed so I didn’t have to flash my bare behind to all the unsuspecting lorry drivers. Fundamentally not my most glamorous pregnancy moment, Mat leave could not come quick enough!


For Instance, I demanded fresh paint on all the walls at home, I nagged my husband about new carpets. Above all I tidied the kitchen, I scrubbed, I cleaned and I organised my new babies bedroom within an inch of its life. It was absolutely perfect.

In addition i sweet talked one of my best friends into helping me position a wall mural. A secret purchase from Australia for the nursey wall (shhhh don’t tell my husband). So hours were spent sat in there on my nursing chair feeling relaxed and content and excited.

What is helpful, how should you be spending your third trimester?

This list is not exhaustive, but it did me just fine!

The House

  • Organise nursey, wash baby clothes, arrange nappies, wipes, muslins, get everything set out just where you want it
  • Blitz your kitchen to make space for the steriliser, breast pumps, bottle etc
  • Stock up on cupboard essentials, bread, milk, margarine, pop them in the freezer. Extra pasta, tins of soup, mayo, whatever your staples are. Also buy extra loo rolls, toothpaste, washing powder. They are handy to have in a cupboard to save you a trip to the shop for just one item
  • Batch cook- you will be grateful of this in the first few weeks


  • It is a great time to prepare for getting your body into labour. If you are over 37 weeks, nipple stimulation, birth balls, perineal massage, figs, raspberry leaf tea to name a few Why Figs?
  • Take some time out to listen to your relaxations and positive affirmations. Practice your breathing techniques and really tune into your body and your baby. Practicing your hypnobirthing techniques is such a lovely quiet time for bonding with your bump
  • If you are planning on breastfeeding have a read up, make sure you have everything you will need


  • Do a dummy run with the car seat/pram etc. Make sure you know how to get everything clipped in and out without a faff
  • Plan your route to the hospital
  • Decide with your other half what rules you would like in place regarding visiting. If you attended one of my hypnobirthing courses I have very strong views on this. It’s great you have an idea beforehand so you are both on the same page
  • Take some final pictures of your growing tummy, your amazing body has been home to growing a tiny human, It’s nice to look back on!


Most of all enjoy it, spend time with your partner, older children, your friends. Eat nice food, drink lots of water, enjoy coffee with your mum in law. Relax, sleep, gentle exercise, enjoy some walks and fresh air. In Conclusion, all will come together nicely once baby makes an appearance, those aches and pains magically disappear once you have your new baby in your arms!

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